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A girl to falls into water at Rabia Anum’s Ramadan show-people angry how these shows are made

As you are all aware, Ramadan transmissions are being made with zeal on nearly every private TV station in Pakistan this year as they are every year. And in this Ramzan broadcast race, every channel wants their channel to receive the greatest rating. And in order to make these broadcasts longer, various portions are placed in varied order.

A girl to falls into water at Rabia Anum's Ramadan show-people angry how these shows are made

Yeah, Rabia Anum has been presenting Ramadan on various TV networks for a number of years. This year, she will be handling the transmission duties for Express Entertainment Channel. People are lovingly watching Rabia’s programme as well. But during Rabia’s programme, a regrettable incident had place in which the “Volunteer” who was standing in the programme fell into the river. Only the legs of this girl could get wet in the water due to a lack of water.

When the program’s host, Rabia, scooped up the girl from there and inquired as to her purpose, the girl replied, “I fell down due to dizziness.” When the program’s children’s part was airing, the incident occurred. Rabia informed the girl that we don’t need anything in the children’s segment, so why are you standing here? Well, Rabia grabbed the girl and made her sit next to her and then took her to another side and asked the management to check her BP.

Rabia Anum told the children that the water in the pool was maintained low because of them, and that if they fell, they shouldn’t drown. She then handed the woman over to the management. Rabia warned the kids not to laugh when someone trips and falls. The host then reminded everyone and presented a brief flashback to their school principal’s collapse.

If you also want to see the unpleasant video of this girl falling into the water, then click on the link below and watch the full video.

Have you guys also fallen due to such dizziness during Ramadan fast? If yes, don’t forget to share your interesting story with us. Thanks!

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