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Aashram 3’s ‘Babita’ aka Tridha Choudhury crossed all limits of bo*ldness, very s*xy pictures shared from the bedroom, the eyes got fixated on her

Bo*ld Actress: ‘Ashram 3’ was a very popular OTT series and even today its characters and their performance continue to be talked about. Tridha Choudhury, who plays ‘Babita’ in this show, has recently shared a very bo*ld photo on Instagram which has blown everyone’s senses!

Tridha Choudhury Bo*ld Photo in Bedroom: In today’s time, as much fame and love is being received by Bollywood films and actors, the stars and shows of the OTT world are getting the same or many times more love. Talking about popular OTT shows, the name of ‘Ashram 3’ will definitely be taken. Bobby Deol played an important role in Prakash Jha’s show and apart from her, all the actors of the show are still remembered for their performances. The actress who played one such memorable character in this show was Tridha Choudhury Aashram 3 who played the role of ‘Babita’ in this series. Tridha was very bo*ld in the show and do you know that the actress is very bo*ld in real life too! Tridha’s latest photo is proof of this…

Aashram 3’s ‘Babita’ got bo*ldness fever!

Babita of ‘Ashram 3’ has done many bo*ld and intimate scenes with ‘Baba Nirala’ in the show and this beauty is very hot in real life too. Very active on Instagram, Tridha Chaudhary keeps sharing her photos sometimes in short dress and sometimes in bikini. Some time ago the actress has shared a new photo which is of her bedroom. People have become uncontrollable after seeing this photo!

Such a pose was given by sitting on the bed, the fans kept sighing!

You can see that the new photo shared by Tridha Choudhury on Instagram is of her bedroom. In this private photo, the actress is sitting on her bed and looking at her it looks like she is wearing a two-piece bikini. Tridha is hiding her body behind a cushion in this photo and Babita of ‘Baba Nirala’ is seen stealing glances from the camera. With this photo, Tridha has written in the caption that she is very good in pillow fight.  Sharma sisters are creating a lot of buzz on social media by sharing bik*ini photos-watch here

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