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Anjali Arora shared such a video after MMS leak, on seeing it people reacted-besharam didi

There are a lot of supporters of Anjali Arora. Fans are drawn to each of her looks. There are some individuals, though, who continue to smear Anjali.

Anjali Arora Video: Anjali Arora’s performance of the song “Kachha Badam” catapulted her into the spotlight over night. Anjil entered Kangana Ranaut’s “Lock UP” as soon as the song became popular, and he quickly gained fame there as well. Anjali Arora’s popularity soared after this programme. From this, it should be obvious that one of her posts quickly becomes popular due to the fervent support and sharing of her followers. Anjali just uploaded a video of herself wearing an orange dress. She became the target of the haters the moment this video went public. This is caused by the deep neck of

Video created ruckus

Anjali Arora, who is the subject of debates because of her sexy photos and dance videos, recently posted a video to Instagram. Anjali is seen in the trending video sporting an orange deep neck dress. Anjali displayed her amazing body curves in the video.

Anjali on target of trollers regarding dress

As soon as this Anjali video got viral, some viewers praised her appearance while others made fun of her attire. After MMS, you have gotten good, a user said on the video. The other wrote, “Didi had some shame” there. Let us remind you that Anjali Arora recently made headlines due to an MMS. Anjali explained in an interview that she is not a part of the MMS video and has no connection to it. But even after that, she continues to face online harassment. Avneet Kaur crosses all limits at the tender age of 21, shows a transparent bra by opening the coat buttons in front of the camera, gives s*xy poses

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