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Imran Khan’s ex wife gets a shocker, Jemima alarmed as four men tried to break into her house

Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, shared from her Twitter handle the photos of four people who had allegedly attempted to broke into her flat in London the other night.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jemima released images of four men on her Twitter account asking the public for their identification.

While posting the photos of the four people, she said that if anybody could identify them, [then] please let her know.

According to Jemima Goldsmith, unknown people had attempted to break into her London flat late at night.

Talking to a Pakistani TV channel, Jemima said she called the police when an attempted break-in at night was made at the house where she lives in Central London. She said the two men were caught on camera and Scotland Yard was called in and a report has been registered.

“And then these two guys captured on camera trespassing a few weeks later in the day,” she said about the two men whose visible pictures she shared on her social media platform, clearly showing what they look like.

Jemima said she was not sure if the men are connected and whether they are the same people or different.

This is not the first time Jemima has been targeted in this way.

Five years ago, British-Pakistani taxi driver Hassan Mahmood had pleaded guilty to sending several text messages to Jemima.

The prosecution had accused him of stalking her after Mahmood picked her up from a club and dropped her home. Last year, the same driver texted her again in breach of the restraining order.

Jemima reported him to the police again. Last year, the driver was sentenced to a suspended nine-week prison sentence by a judge for breaching his restraining order against Jemima. Hareem Shah cursed the cheaters and advised them to stay away-new video goes viral again

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