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Indian Actress Aahana Kumra goes bold takes mirror selfie wearing a bik*ini, bo*ld pictures go viral-fans react

There is no need for an introduction for Aahana Kumra today. Ahana recently posted some gorgeous photos of herself in a swimsuit on social media. Heart emoticons are being sent to Aahana by fans.

On Instagram, actress Aahana Kumra posted 5 images from a recent photo shoot. She can be seen in this making bo*ld poses while donning a black two-piece bikini. The unique aspect is that her trim, toned form can also be seen in the photos. In addition, her flat stomach is visible in the images.

Aahana Kumra is giving a bo*ld pose by sitting on her knees

She is sitting on her knees in the first photo, looking away from the camera, and striking a bo*ld position. She is posing from a side angle in the second photo while holding a cat in her hand. The third picture shows her grinning. She can be seen glancing at the camera in the fourth image. Aahana Kumra is simultaneously using her hand to block the light coming from the window in the sixth image. Her face is lit up with a smile. Aahna signed off on the photo sharing with “Aahna.” On this, Deepti Bhatnagar wrote a piece titled “Lovely.”

Aahana Kumra’s pictures got more than 31 thousand likes in 1 hour

Almost 31,000 likes were given to Aahana Kumra’s photos in a single hour. 350 comments have also been posted on the images at the same time. Oh God, you are becoming more and more beautiful every day, one person wrote. You are looking hot, one person wrote. There is no match for your hotness, one person wrote. The fans are very surprised by Aahana Kumra’s images.

Aahana Kumra was seen in the film Salaam Venky

Aahana Kumra previously revealed images from her sexy photo shoot. She is pictured in this position while standing on the beach while donning a monokini. She carried out a variety of photo shoots. She appeared to be at ease. Salaam Venky, a recent movie, featured Aahana Kumra. He also works with India Lockdown in addition to this. She co-starred with Ranbir Kapoor in the movie Shamshera.  Jacqueline Fernandes was promised by Sukesh Chandrashekhar on Holi, “Tum‍hari zindagi mein rang vaapas launga…”, the letter goes viral

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