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Irfan Pathan’s wife Safa Baig was seen without a Niqab, shows her pretty face, people said, mashallah! video goes viral

Irfan Pathan’s Wife: Safa Baig, Irfan Pathan’s wife, was seen leaving Sania Mirza’s retirement party without a mask or hijab.

Wife of Irfan Pathan without a niqab Irfan Pathan’s ex-wife Safa Baig is still the subject of debates over how attractive she is. In addition to being beautiful, Safa’s veiling continues to make headlines. Irfan Pathan has already stated that this is a matter of personal preference. If Safa is seen anywhere, it is only while wearing a mask or a veil. But recently, one of these videos of her in which she was unmasked surfaced.

Video is getting viral fast

Safa’s video is quickly becoming popular online. You may see Safa in this video without a mask or a hijab. She frequently wears a hijab (face not covered). In this video, Irfan Pathan may be seen with him as well. Irfan Pathan was spotted cradling his son in his lap during this. This video is about leaving the retirement party for Sania Mirza and coming back. Irfan Pathan is first seen emerging in this, followed by a clear bag.

Safa’s face has previously been concealed whenever they were both seen, thus this is likely the first time she has been seen in public without doing so.

Married in 2016

On February 3, 2016, Irfan and Safi exchanged vows. On February 28, 1994, Safa was born in Aziziyah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Safa has experience modelling. Safa’s family gave her a lot of encouragement for this endeavour.

Two of Irfan Pathan’s sons. Imran Khan Pathan, their first child, was born on December 20, 2016. Following this, in 2021, Irfan and Safa once again had children. The day of his second son’s birth was December 28, 2021. Irfan gave his second child the name Suleman Khan. Urfi Javed’s holi playing photos go viral, her choice of clothes made people angry, dirty comments followed – Watch Video

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