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Jhanvi Kapoor came out on the road in a nicker flaunting her sexy curves-fans compared her to Malaika Arora-video goes viral

Janhvi Kapoor Bo*ld Video: the actor Janhvi Kapoor Jhanvi Kapoor, the late actress Sridevi’s daughter, is a well-known figure in the business today. Jhanvi aspires to become in a prominent position like her mother. Sridevi also had similar lofty aspiration for her daughters to dominate the business. With “Dhadak,” Jhanvi made her Bollywood film debut. Till now she has worked in several films. Also, viewers enjoy Jhanvi’s acting a lot. Jhanvi is quite active on social media in addition to acting. A Jhanvi video is currently growing more popular on social media. This video has made trolls a target for attack.

She was seen in shot pants and a spaghetti top

Meanwhile, Jhanvi Kapoor’s video is frequently mentioned in the news. Jhanvi is portrayed in this video sporting a gym suit. She is doing this while sporting a spaghetti top and really shot slacks. She has her hair entirely covered in a bun with this clothing. Jhanvi may be seen in the video moving quickly and continuously along the road. She turns to face the photographers at the same time and waves with her hand.

Jhanvi got trolled over clothes

Fans did not enjoy Jhanvi Kapoor’s appearance at all. After spotting her in small nickers and spagidi, fans are seen viciously harassing her. an an aa a an a sa sa sa s. Phir Se Ek Baar Aur Malaika Arora Part 2 was one of the comments made on the video. You are not ashamed to wear such things, one person wrote. So then one remarked, ‘If Sridevi was alive then she too would have been upset to witness all this.’  Urfi Javed does it again, comes out without a bra in open top to play snooker-people brutally trolled Urfi Javed-watch the viral video here


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