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Komal Rizvi the Pakistani pop star marries a silicon valley business tycoon-watch pics here

Pakistan’s famous singer and queen of pop music, Komal Rizvi, shocked her hundreds of fans by revealing her marriage to US-based million dollar company CEO and co-founder S Ali Uppal here in Silicon Valley. Apple is reportedly one of the most influential players in the trillion-dollar industry of IT networks and 5G.

In a private ceremony attended by her friends and family, Komal looked stunning in a dress made by her mother. Komal Rizvi is a shining example for all women, she proved that if the passion is indomitable, anyone can achieve their dreams. With a loving family and partner, a successful career, good health and a high standard of living, Komal Rizvi today can truly say that she has been blessed with the best of blessings by Allah Almighty. Is.

The versatile singer’s wedding ceremony reflects her commitment to standing by her principles and maintaining her determination to see right as right and wrong as wrong. Despite immense fame and success, Komal Rizvi decided to celebrate this important occasion in his life only with his close loved ones. His decision to prioritize happy moments and relationships is a testament to his high values.

Komal Rizvi is Pakistan’s only female rock star who has mastered the art of ruling the stage through numerous ‘highly successful’ live performances at the national and international levels. He demonstrated his abilities by facing whatever phases were in his life with determination and patience.

Komal Rizvi’s asset and only strength is not only her beautiful voice but she is also an excellent actress and television host. They have also launched a very successful skin care product line “Truly Soft” in the recent past. She raises her voice for women’s rights, actively participates in other philanthropic causes and uses her platform for these causes.

The Coke Studio star thanked Allah for reaching this new stage in life and said, “I am thankful for the opportunities Allah has given me, which has allowed me to pursue all my dreams from music to business ventures.” She was persistent and successful in the completion of I feel happy that I am going to start a new life with a good companion.”

It’s no surprise that Kamal Rizvi, with her beauty, immense talent and business acumen, is an asset to the entertainment industry. His fans are eagerly waiting to see more excellent performances from Komal. Mouni Roy exceeded all expectations of bo*ldness and posted a sexy image while sporting a vibrant outfit with a very deep neck

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