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Not every crying woman is true, Nazish Jahangir

Well-known actress of showbiz industry Nazish Jahangir says that not every crying woman is true.

Actress Nazish Jahangir participated in the private TV program and answered various questions from the host Faisal Qureshi. The host said that ‘you once said that every crying woman is not true and where did that go?

Nazish Jahangir said that ‘It is true that every crying woman is not true, but it is not that a woman is not true. There are two sides to the story, women and men also have two sides, both should be seen. The host said that there are sides in between these two sides which we don’t show in dramas.

The actress said, “We show some things in dramas, but we don’t show them in some plays. They are our problems, because of which we do not show them.”

Nazish Jahangir said that he has a lot of love for theater and acting came later, acting was not allowed by his father and was never thought of. On the question of nepotism in the industry, Nazish said, “Sixty to seventy percent is nepotism, but I will not name anyone.” Anjali Arora shared such a video after MMS leak, on seeing it people reacted-besharam didi

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