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Sabeena Farooq comes out with a rose flower in her hand on Valentine’s day-Fans trolled her saying, ‘Haya bibi haya kr lo’ check out her photos

Pakistani drama industry actress Sabina Farooq celebrated Valentine’s Day with her fans by sharing a post on Instagram.

In the post, the actress can be seen donning an oriental dress while holding a flower, which has been well-liked by her followers. The caption of the picture reads, ‘We are virgins, we are also virgins’, which has left her fans puzzled about the intended message. Sabina Farooq has a large following on social media, and she keeps sharing pictures and updates with her fans from time to time.  Shahid Afridi daughter Ansha Afridi’s haq mehr details are out. people reacted seeing the details

In an earlier interview on the program Good Morning Pakistan, Sabina Farooq shared her journey in the drama industry. She talked about belonging to Pindi and how her audition was not up to the mark. Despite the bad audition, the director recognized her potential and offered her the role after explaining it to her. However, her family members were not supportive of her decision to pursue acting, but her elder sister stood by her and convinced their parents to let her go to Karachi.

Sabina Farooq credits her sister for her success, and in her words, “my sister’s hand is behind my success.” It is heartening to see that even in the face of opposition, one person’s unwavering support can make all the difference.

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