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Shilpa Shetty at the age of 47 wears a revealing dress, becomes a victim of oops moment-watch the video

Urfi Javed is very experimental and bold with his clothes and fashion and many Bollywood and TV actresses are compared to Urfi Javed if they wear excessively bold clothes. One of these beauties is Shilpa Shetty, whose latest look is making people compare her with Urfi Javed.

Shilpa’s look was very bold, but the netizens did not like Shilpa’s boldness and the actress is being trolled a lot on social media. Let’s know what Shilpa was wearing that made people remember her nickname when they saw the actress.

Wearing overly revealing clothes

Let it be known that Shilpa was seen at the Big Impact Awards some time ago. Everyone was blown away by Shilpa’s bold look here.

Let it be known that Shilpa Shetty wore a very revealing white pantsuit for these award nights. Shilpa wore nothing under the coat! Due to this her look was looking very bold. Urfi Javed Oops…. moment caught on camera, netizens slam Urfi for her bold avatar-watch the footage here

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