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Urfi Javed does it again, comes out without a bra in open top to play snooker-people brutally trolled Urfi Javed-watch the viral video here

The footage of Urfi Javed is spreading like wildfire on social media. In this video, Urfi appeared in front of the camera while sporting a front-open top, shocking everyone around her.

Video of Urfi Javed: When it comes to Urfi Javed, every time her dressage is beyond belief. Every time, the actress surprises the audience by appearing with more cleavage than in her previous outfit. But this time, Urfi Javed took a risk with her attire which can caused her problems. The actress has fastened the top from the front while going bra-free. She then engaged in a game that was highly dangerous for her. The actress’s outfit is being talked about everywhere as a result of the social media footage of her playing the game while sporting this top.

Such a top made from orange cloth

Urfi Javed is depicted in this video sporting an orange front-open shirt. The actress is wearing this shirt without a bra, which is very obvious in the video. The unique feature of this shirt is that Urfi totally opened it from the front and tied it with a thin thread. Urfi is sporting an extremely revealing and relieving shirt with low-waist pants.

One more mistake…

In this video, the actress has tied her top with so much thread that due to one of her mistakes, she can become a victim of Oops Moment. To complete her look, Urfi has tied her hair in half and left half open. Along with this, Satal is looking very good in makeup.

Spotted playing snooker

In this video, Urfi Javed is seen playing snooker. Sharing the video, Urfi Javed wrote in the caption – ‘The right way to play pool.’ 49 years old Malaika Arora crossed all limits, reached Karan Johar’s birthday party wearing only blazer on top of bra, gets brutally trolled

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