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Urfi Javed goes braless, poses hot outside restaurant-‘netizens say kuch to sharam kar lo’

At a café in Mumbai, Urfi Javed was seen acting in a recent drama. Urfi was observed during this time wearing unusual business attire as usual. The actress’ most recent video is becoming very popular.

New Video from Urfi Javed: The actress Urfi Javed stole the show in an strange outfit, and now her new drama video is going popular on social media. Urfi Javed wears an odd outfit in this video, and the actress can be heard discussing dieting with the photographers.

Wearing a pink colored one-piece

Recently, Urfi Javed was spotted in Mumbai outside of a restaurant. Urfi was visible throughout this wearing a pink one-piece dress with no back. The actress’s entire body can be seen in this Urfi dress because it is so exposing.

Round cut in the front of the dress

Not only does this Urfi Javed dress have no back, but it also has a very exposed front. There is a large cut-out, round cut in the front of Urfi’s dress. The actress is not wearing anything inside this dress, as is evident in the video, at the same time.

Don’t diet

Talking to the media, Urfi Javed said that she does not diet at all. Along with this, the actress said that she eats a lot and has come sometime back after eating pani puri and sev puri.

The photo of the spoiled face was shared

The unique aspect is that Urfi Javed already uploaded a picture of her pampered face to her Instagram Stories. Urfi revealed in her article that she had purchased Jio olive oil from Amazon. It is utilized to make matar paneer. which the entire staff consumed. After consuming veggies cooked in this oil, the actress’s eyes began to enlarge. In the post, Urfi Javed stated that she initially thought it did not occur after ingesting this oil. She then finished cooking the fish in oil once more. Urfi’s condition subsequently deteriorated, as shown by the photo of her. Huma Qureshi’s thigh-high slit with deep neck dress turns the heat up, fans can’t hold their breaths

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