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Urfi Javed goes topless writes dirty on her chest, netizens call her ‘gandi aurat’- video goes viral

Urfi Javed’s New Look: Nowadays, Urfi Javed is renowned for her fierce appearance. Her fashion choices are frequently the subject of conversation. Moreover, Urfi Javed’s views continue to make headlines. She recently made a contentious claim about Aditya Chopra, Yash Chopra’s son. She had responded to Aditya Chopra’s claim of nepotism by saying that her brother Uday Chopra doesn’t look nice and that she doesn’t know good acting, yet in spite of this, she continued to land roles. After the initial failure, she would not have received a second opportunity if Uday Chauhan had been in her place. She appeared in numerous headlines as a result of this statement. Urfi Javed has just made the news once more, and her new appearance is to blame.

Urfi’s new look

Now, pictures of Urfi Javed’s new appearance have surfaced, and she appears very different. She is sporting a shirt with the word DIRTY printed in English and loose-fitting jeans. In addition to having her hair knotted in two braids, Urfi’s face appears to be devoid of eyebrows. Haseena didn’t pluck her eyebrows; instead, she used makeup to make them so thin that they are practically undetectable. Regarding this video, Urfi is also the target of a lot of trolling.

Will be seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi


Urfi Ja They continue to receive numerous updates, but now some alarming information has surfaced. This season of the perilous reality series “Khatron Ke Khiladi” will be particularly intriguing because Urfi Javed will be included this time. According to a recent source, Urfi Javed will be a problem for the public and will be a part of the show this time. Jannat Zubair dons a swimsuit, jumps into the pool-pictures go viral

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