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Urfi Javed Oops…. moment caught on camera, netizens slam Urfi for her bold avatar-watch the footage here

Urfi Javed is highly picky about her clothes, and as a result, the actress frequently experiences an oops moment. The actress recently uploaded a new video in which something occurred to her saree and her embarrassing moment was caught on camera…

Urfi Javed Video:  Urfi Javed is a TV actress who is more well-known for her eccentric wardrobe and bo*ld style than for her work and TV appearances. Urfi recently started experimenting more with her face, hair, and appearance in general! A few days ago, Urfi fully colored her hair pink and, on top of that, she bleached and removed her eyebrows! In this, Urfi shared some of her latest appearances.

Leaving the bo*ld dress, Urfi showed her beauty in a saree!

Urfi Javed has shared a new post on Instagram which includes many of her looks. In the fourth slide of this post, Urfi is wearing a saree that she has draped in a different way. The palla of Urfi’s saree is coming forward from her neck and covers the front part of her body from both sides.

Pallu of Urfi’s saree blown in the wind and Oops moment caught on camera!

In this video of Urfi Javed, you can see that the actress is wearing a beautiful satin saree which her designer is trying to set. The thing to note is that Urfi is not wearing anything under the saree and when the saree was blown away in the wind, that too was visible, which should not have come! Urfi became a victim of Oops moment even in saree!

In this entire post, Urfi has shared Behind the Scene (BTS) moments of all her new looks, on which she is getting mixed reactions from the fans. Disha Patni strips off her jeans poses in undergarments in front of mirror-sexy photos go viral

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