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Urfi Javed wears a dress made of toilet paper, seeing her bold avatar in Ramadan people could not hold their anger-watch the photos

Javed Urfi VIDEO: Urfi Javed’s most recent video has brought her back into the spotlight. This time, she constructed her entire dress out of toilet paper, which has caused the actress to begin receiving trolling.

Urfi Javed’s peculiar appearance usually astounds people. She can fashion herself an outfit out of anything. There aren’t many situations when Urfi can’t create costumes for herself. She is seen this time sporting an outfit made out of toilet paper. Once more shocking everyone, the actress shared her footage.

Urfi Javed’s new look surprised

Urfi’s clothing doesn’t appear to be made of toilet paper, which is humorous.

But, a social media influencer has already hinted that Urfi has used up the toilet paper for her clothing at the beginning of the video. Urfi, on the other hand, is boldly displaying her appearance in the scene after that.

Urfi flaunted with impunity

With her toilet paper dress, the actress wore large earrings. She enhanced her appearance with nude glossy lipstick and nude Smokey eyes. She has created a low ponytail for her hair with this. The actress also appears really attractive in this outfit.

Urfi is being reprimanded

Now while on the one hand Urfi’s fans are praising her creativity, on the other hand, many users have reprimanded her. One user wrote, ‘Now stop this ignorance. The holy month of Ramadan is going on. Another user wrote, ‘At least in Ramadan, leave the nonsense. Have some fear of death.’ Many similar comments have come on this video of Urfi.  Disha Patni comes out of the gym, her top slides from the shoulder, people said – look at your top

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