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Urfi Javed wears front open dress; causes a storm on social media, people can not believe their eye-watch video here

Uorfi Javed: Urfi Javed, the well-known face of social media, is frequently mocked for her clothing and is constantly in the news, but she doesn’t give a damn about anyone. Urfi Javed recently made a fiery entrance at the Lakme Fashion Week, giving haters a chance to speak as some were moved to tears by the clothing she wore.

A video of Urfi Javed being mocked for her appearance on social media is currently going popular on the internet. Urfi Javed, who was unaware of everything, exuded confidence as he left the scene in preparation for the event.

Speaking about appearance, Urfi Javed is sporting a swimsuit, an open gown, and lots of cosmetics. She also wore n two beautiful earrings to complete the look.

Urfi Javet is being viciously teased as well after noticing her expression. Urfi is wearing a diaper, a user has noted on the video. “Kuch to parda karo samne wale se,” one person wrote. One person simultaneously wrote, “Look at this cartoon.” Where do these individuals come from? is what one person wrote. One of them also wrote, “I wish I could abuse you.” A writer claimed, “My hair stood on end.”

Notably, Urfi Javed is a fashionista and frequently posts videos of herself wearing new attire. She is well-known for her sense of style on social media, but she is also viciously mocked for her terrible fashion presentation. Yet, some people think Urfi Javed is admirable and that she is very open-minded. Hania Aamir’s bold and Bindas deep neck sari avatar goes viral, netizens reacted by calling her besharam-watch photos here

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