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Urfi Javed’s sister Dolly Javed goes bold following Urfi wears transparent dress in a mall, onlookers kept staring-watch here

Urfi Javed is well recognised for her outlandish fashion choices, bo*ld clothing, and constant attention. Do you realise that Urfi’s sisters are far more fashionable and masculine than she is? The most recent video from Urfi’s sister is trending on social media…

Dolly Javed Video: Urfi Javed has other sisters who, like her, frequently upload images and videos online wearing crude attire. Today, we’ll discuss one of those sisters’ most recent videos, which has gone viral on social media. Please let them know that this is about Dolly Javed, the sister of Urfi Javed. The admirers claimed that Urfi’s sister is far ahead of Urfi in this video because she wore such skimpy attire.

Dolly Javed wore revealing clothes in a crowded mall

Dolly Javed has shared a video on her Instagram page some time ago, in which people were shocked to see the bo*ldness of Haseena! In this video, Dolly has gone to a mall where people were looking at her in a twisted way seeing her excessively revealing dress. Dolly Javed has recorded only the reactions of those who saw her in the mall.

People’s eyes got teary seeing the bo*ldness!

You can see that Urfi Javed’s sister was wearing a black mesh dress in this video, due to which the bottom that Haseena was wearing was also visible. There were deep cuts between Dolly’s mini skirt and top, due to which the bo*ldness of the dress and her look increased even more.

Like Urfi Javed, Dolly is also very active on Instagram and keeps posting her new photos and videos from time to time.  Ashram fame Tridha Chowdhary crosses all limits of boldness, her never seen avatar-watch here

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